Wilhelmine Oberschöneweide

The curtain rises again in the former culture house.

The famous phrase “never fall in love with real estate” does not hold true for our understanding of urban development. Places have their own energy and, in the case of Wilhelmine, their own special magic. It is an exciting, often tedious but always rewarding process to transform neglected and abandoned buildings and to witness the return of light and new life. And that only works with a lot of love. And with the right partners: In this case, the renowned architecture firm Bruno Fioretti Marquez.


One of the most important industrial areas in Europe once stretched from Berlin’s Ostkreuz to Schöneweide. Even today, impressive evidence of the industrial architecture from the turn of the last century can be found here. That includes the Accumulatoren Fabrik Aktiengesellschaft (AFA), a battery manufacturing company which had a worker welfare center built in 1912 at Wilhelminenhofstrasse 66 – 68. In 1948, the building was converted into a cultural center. From the very beginning, its beating heart was the 500 m² hall on the second floor of the building. Numerous festivities were celebrated here, and soon that will once again be the case. Cheers!


This district feels like Berlin at the beginning of the 1990s. A spirit of new beginnings prevails here: a creative energy paired with the desire
for creation and change.

Places to discover: