“Office Space for Next Gen: The Future is Sustainable.”

Lara Schlesinger, The PettCo Project Manager

The development of six new courtyards in combination with sections of historical factory buildings and new constructions is a complex challenge that we have gladly taken on in Berlin-Friedrichshain. A place will be created with numerous possibilities, with the entire neighborhood in the Samariterviertel benefiting from it. The courtyards carry the names “Farm,” “Factory,” “Zen Garden,” “Playground,” “Marketplace,” and “Stage.

What is to happen here? In the end, that always depends on how the facilities are used and adapted by residents and neighbors. We are already looking forward to the completion of this project when people can sit in the Zen Garden or make use of the stage. That ought to begin by the summer of 2025.

The new buildings will be climate-neutral with a timber hybrid construction. And the greening concept for the entire neighborhood supports biodiversity, not only in the six courtyards but also on the roof terraces.


Planning and running a construction site requires just as much care as designing a building. For some, a place like that is first of all nothing more than a major disturbance which only raises loads of questions: What’s going on there? Who’s doing the building? What are they constructing?

We always try to provide answers to these. Along with our partner TL Serv, we are committed to being considerate of our neighbors and informing all residents in advance about our plans. In addition, we examine all possibilities for protecting the environment, recycling building materials, and keeping construction noise and dust to a minimum.


When we launched a marketing campaign for The PettCo, this is what it looked like: our Project Manager Lara Schlesinger was the face of the campaign, and the photographer was our Director of Brand & Spatial Design, Noam Rosenthal.