Kabbalah Centre Berlin

“Who is wise? Those who can learn from anyone.”

Kabbalist Rav Berg


A unique transformation of the hall of the Telegraph Exchange which is under historical preservation was carried out according to designs by Graft architects. This space is now home to the Kabbalah Centre Berlin. The project has received several awards, including the 2020 International Interior Design Award and the 2016 IDA International Design Awards.

Particularly striking is the historical coffered ceiling, which was restored with great attention to detail. It continues to provide the high space a special light, both back then and today.

The Kabbalah Centre purpose is to bring about positive global change using an experiential approach with diverse courses, programs, and events. Regardless of country of origin, religion, gender, or culture, the ancient spiritual wisdom provides insights that can instigate positive change in the lives of individuals.

The Centre also entertains inquiries for private parties and events.