Commercial center: active since 1919

Herzbergstrasse in Berlin-Lichtenberg lends its name to the commercial center, which was built between 1916 and 1919 as a production site for AGA Automobilwerke. Since that time, this place has been used for commercial purposes almost without interruption, and a lot has happened over the past years.

If you would like to read up on the eventful history of the Herzberg Campus, we recommend the Berlin History App. The team has graciously already carefully researched all the details.


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Both are kind of yellow and at home at the Herzberg Campus. Two Berlin originals that fit together perfectly here. When we acquired the center in 2013, the vision of a green, vibrant commercial campus with a number of different companies was just as clear as the fact that this would be a transformation requiring several construction phases. A decade later, the campus is almost fully rented.

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Working and relaxing outdoors

The way people work has changed fundamentally since the historic premises were built, and we have also extended the transformation into a contemporary campus for working to the courtyard: Different seating options with raised beds now welcome tenants and visitors. In combination with various table elements, this has created an inviting space for outdoor computer work, team communication and relaxation.


The Herzberg-Campus is a beautiful example of how continuous development can completely transform a place. One day, you wake up and the seeds you sowed have somehow turned into flowers. Buildings have been renovated and the sunny offices and benches in the courtyard are suddenly all occupied.