An historical ice factory provides a new pathway on the Spree River

In the early summer of 2023, Eiswerk Berlin was awarded the prestigious polis Award – an honor that makes us particularly happy for all project participants and especially for the GRAFT Architects. The distinction, which has been awarded by a jury of experts since 2015, “honors courage and creativity in pursuing pathways toward solutions”.

There could hardly be a more beautiful description for precisely what it is that sets Eiswerk Berlin apart. But in the end, what really counts for us is the energy that emanates from this newly created place and which will hopefully bring much good to the owners, the tenants, the neighborhood, and all of Berlin.


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With GRAFT Architects at the Eiswerk building site.

We would like to thank P. Schwoch for his extensive research and commitment. www.köpenicker-strasse.de

In 1909-10, Norddeutsche Eiswerke A.G. had the architect Albert Biebendt build a residential and factory complex enclosing two courtyards on the site at Köpenicker Strasse 40-41, which had been acquired from Carl Bolle in 1893.


Anyone entering the grounds of Eiswerk Berlin for the first time through the large gateway on Köpenicker Strasse will be amazed: by the award-winning architecture, which forms a counterbalance to the brick buildings under historical preservation and signals: You are in the middle of Berlin-Mitte.

Today, this is home to innovative co-working and community spaces including Denizen and Techspace.

But what has so far astonished every newcomer are the chickens. They strut with an animal-like ease as part of the neighborhood, and at some point they head off in the direction of the Spree to their home turf. Those who have so far only wondered are now rubbing their eyes again: homemade tents, colorful little gardens with herbs and vegetables in summer, wooden huts with solar panels – the Teepeeland. There are numerous reasons why this legendary community, residential, and cultural project is something very special, and we recommend that everyone stop by and take a look around.