Checkpoint Charlie

Establishing long-term inner peace in the hearts of people connected to the history and meaning of this intersection of the former border control Checkpoint Charlie requires more than an architectural solution. It requires healing a social wound that has not yet been cured.

Zimmerstrasse rendition by Graft Architects

The details of our long-standing, and hopefully not fruitless, commitment to a beacon project at Checkpoint Charlie would run too far at this point. The Berliner Zeitung is a helpful platform to research the many details and also voices that have publicly made statements about a project development with Trockland and the Berlin Senate.

View of the west side of Zimmerstrasse; design by Graft Architekten

Intersection of Friedrichstrasse and Zimmerstrasse

Looking back, we have not been able to physically build an iconic project at this historically significant intersection, but we did learn from many years of working alongside the Berlin authorities.

Throughout the years of collaboration with renowned partners, architects, historians, politicians, stakeholders and experts in the field as well as the Berlin Senate, we committed ourselves to a common vision for a place of peace, freedom and unity.
Through the course of all these years, maintaining our integrity, sincerity, and transparency remained a rock solid goal for us – even when they were publicly called into question by the Berlin Senate for Justice, local media and other stakeholders within the framework of a defamation campaign directed to dispute our integrity.

Our “chapter” is now an integral part imbued in Checkpoint Charlie. The history of the site as a symbol of the violent separation of people is a reminder to us all. The energy of division, be it visible or invisible, has still not been vanquished in this city, in this country and in this world.
It is our firm belief that we as a society will not have a livable future as long as such negative energy is allowed to persist. We hope for a new, mature and respectful understanding of community and unity. We will continue to be tirelessly committed to this objective, as Trockland will always be deeply connected with Berlin and it’s history.

To all those who supported us and stood by us during thick and thin, we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts.

Berliner Zeitung
Checkpoint Charlie: Berlin needs a beacon project at this site!