Berlin-Mitte: Melting pot for new ideas
The historical residential building at Brunnenstrasse 27 in the Berlin-Mitte district has belonged to Trockland since 2010, one of the first pieces of real estate to be acquired. The building comprises around 3,000 m² of net floor space, of which 80% is residential and 20% commercial. It has been completely refurbished and an attic conversion was completed in 2019 to add five more rental apartments.
A much sought-after address, because an epicenter of innovative restaurants, outstanding bars, and unique shops has established itself around Brunnenstrasse. You can immerse yourself here in your very own “Berlin Bubble”. Just as Berlin cannot be compared to any other city in Germany or even in Europe, Berlin-Mitte is also not comparable to Berlin.

Thu Thuy Pham and Thao Westphal’s new gastro project is located at Brunnenstrasse 27


Thao Westphal and Thu Thuy Pham reinterpret European dishes at DASHI. In an interview with AD Architectural Digest, they reveal why they always double-check that the stove is turned off and which dish they are particularly proud of.

Two Trockland colleagues know every meter of the Brunnenstrasse neighborhood because it has been their home for a long time. Chief Project Officer Danielle Shapira and Christine Lamprecht, Head of Design & Visual Communication, talk about their neighborhood:

What are the reasons why you live in the very center of Berlin-Mitte?

Danielle: I don’t even know where to start. There are just so many cool stores right outside my front door. All these businesses were founded by people who had a bright idea and wanted to make something happen. Thao Westphal and Thu Thuy Pham from DASHI are such an example. And that kind of energy attracts other people – this neighborhood simply has an incredible pull. Even after decades, something new is still happening here all the time.

Christine: In addition to all the changes, the neighborhood also has solid institutions and people who have grown roots here. Alongside all the visitors who pass through the district, the Kiez residents actually know each other and greet each other. There are restaurants here where neighbors come and go as naturally as in their own living room.

What would a perfect day on Brunnenstrasse look like?

Danielle: Either breakfast at Cafe Schröder, or a coffee to go from Distrik Coffee with the best vegan croissants from Frea Bakery. Afterwards, I recommend a walk through the flea market at Arkonaplatz on a Sunday. If you prefer to devote your time to body, mind, and spirit, you’re in good hands at Three Boons Yoga, OHIA, or BeCycle.
In the evening, the classic: a drink at Milano Bar and pasta at Coccodrillo.

Christine: When it comes to breakfast, count me out. My perfect day starts at noon at RisesDelicacies with a long neighborhood chat, because everyone drops in here. Or at least passes by.
After that, I’d go shopping. Namely to Vom Einfachen das Gute, and afterwards maybe to Weinerei. Even if you have heavy bags to carry at the end of the day, it’s always worth a trip to the Rose Garden. My perfect day ends in any case at Osterberger. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.