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Our mission goes far beyond building with bricks and mortar. It is about transforming spaces, people, and ultimately our future.

We have quite a long list of projects that we have successfully developed. What you won’t find on this website, though, is the even longer list of projects that interested us and often even excited us, but that in the end we did not pursue or did not get the opportunity to turn into a Trockland project. All of our “lost projects” have taught us important lessons because we have looked upon them as an invitation to learn.

We know that this world works on the principle of cause and effect. And we firmly believe that the development of spaces requires love. It is one of the fundamental values that unite people and connect the world at its core. It is on this basis that we manage our business as respectfully, trustfully, and lovingly as we possibly can.


So what were the beginnings of Trockland like? Ortrud Franke, Leasing Manager, unpacks memories and old photos.

How long have you been with Trockland, and how did you come to join the company?

Ortrud: I joined in 1998. I was approached by a former colleague, but at that time we were not called Trockland, but rather EDR. We were just a handful of people in a small office together with Dan and Heskel. I took care of residential sales and later also leasing.

What was different back then?

Ortrud: The first really big project for me was the Seegarten in Zeuthen. Then Trockland was founded and Nollendorfstrasse, the Schillerkiez, and also Colditzstrasse in Tempelhof were added. We were real pioneers. We invested in the buildings and renovated them extensively – hardly anyone was doing that at the time. There were a lot of vacancies and buildings that had been neglected for decades. Since then, Berlin has changed a lot and I’m happy about the great contribution that Trockland has made to urban development.

Is there anything that hasn’t changed?

Ortrud: The team has of course grown a lot over the years, but the family spirit is still the same as it was in the beginning. It is also for good reason that we have quite a few on the staff who have tried some other venture but come back. Some people only realize how special it is to work at Trockland when they go somewhere else. I’m not in the office every day anymore, but every time I am, I look forward to it.

© Hans-Jürgen Georgi, Oberhavel TV


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